Anna Kournikova with Very Long Most Sexy Blonde Hair Cut of 2007

Is it the hair, the lighting, the pose, the color, Anna, or all of the above?

Tennis star Anna Kournikova looks drop-dead gorgeous in this very long hairstyle she unveiled in the summer of 2007.

Soft waves and straight hair working in harmony make this one of the hottest celeb looks in a long time. While other stars are going very short, Anna is keeping it real long.

Hair this long is uncommon on stars and with her beautiful blonde haircolor it's definitely one of the most memorable hairstyles of 2007. Nothing complicated but so healthy and ridiculously attractive.

You have to wonder if Anna is wearing hair extensions, but she's always had long hair, and there may not be hair extensions this good, so for now we'll give her the benefit of the doubt and enjoy the hairstyling.


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