Wedding Hairstyles for Brides, Bridesmaids, and Flower Girls

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Sophisticated and Pretty

A very pretty wedding style with a special crosshatch design. It's sophisticated and attractive. The curly bridal half updo with bangs doesn't have a lot of crosshatched hair but it's a beautiful touch. It's a uniquely elegant way to style piecey wedding hair.

Courtesy Bulgari

You could, alternatively, crosshatch part of the back of your updo instead of the sides, like this model in an old Bulgari jewelry ad.

Lots of fancy ribbons create a very sophisticated hairstyle. It has a sort of random criss-cross pattern at the back with varying thicknesses for both the flat and curly pieces. It makes quite a posh statement. It's about as elaborate as it gets. The loose big curl at the back adds retro romantic flair from centuries ago.

A simple bridal hairstyle with the fashionable highlighting style of thin blonde slices in brown hair. A perfect way to enhance a wedding day updo.

French Twist with curls. Back view. An exceptional wedding hairdo; it's so fancy and so fabulous. Beautiful combination of a tight twist and loose, round, springy curls. Four round ornaments artfully emphasize the central seam of the French Twist.

Beautiful Hairstyles is a source of modern wedding hairstyles ideas for brides who want to see pictures online. Click any of the links above to review the different styles. Navigate from one picture to the next in the main section by clicking on the swans. The swan facing left moves you back; the swan on the right moves you forward; and the two swans facing each other in the shape of a heart take you home to this directory page.

You can also see more pics of modern Wedding Hairstyles online at a site with many wedding hairdos in recent years: Review the home page to get an idea; scroll down for more info and a sneak peak of all that's there. You can see more styles over there than you can here.

Where else can you look online at different bridal hair galleries?

There are three main kinds of wedding hair designs available online. First, you have the bridal magazines hairstyles pictures where they show the same kind of hairstyles they already printed in their big mags. On their large websites look for a section about bridal beauty which has hair and makeup.

Second, there are sites like this one that have stock photos of brides who had great hair on their wedding day. Of course, because the stock photos are royalty free, you'll see the same wedding photos on different sites. Quality, quantity, and image size vary, however, as do the number of annoying ads.

Third, you can search for bridal hairstylist websites. Many if not most of the stylists are not well-connected online, so their sites don't show up high in the results when you look for wedding hairstyles.

This is unfortunate because they often have at least a few pictures of their styles you can see free. They need them to effectively showcase their talent and sometimes you can review many different wedding styles on their sites.

They'll show you their best work, which can be the best bridal hairstyles anywhere. And, of course, if these wedding stylists happen to be located near you, then you can get them to create one of the wedding hair designs you see on their site.

If you are lucky enough to live in Paris, France, consider the expertise of David Gabriel, a French hairdresser in Paris. He offers a large online gallery of his best wedding creations at Click on "Realisations - Chignons." He's a very talented artist and creator of the most amazing wedding hairdos.

Bride wearing piecey down bridal hairstyle full of many fine, thin strands. The texture is nice and it looks busy but not messy. It doesn't really look frizzy, either. Very pretty.

Wavy down style for brides with dark hair. Wow. This hairdo is fantastic. Dark waves catch the light in very attractive fashion.

Medium wedding hairstyle with big curls and big tiara. Cute look that is slightly on the casual side (compared to other bridal styles).

Bridal updo with wavy and curly bangs.

Visit to see the styles of celebrity brides like Elisabeth Rohm, who had a pretty wavy bridal hairstyle with layers to create an easy, natural look for her wedding in 2008. (Courtesy InStyle Weddings magazine, Winter 2008)

[+] Extreme floral wedding chignon with large and small red roses in original and unique "bouquet hat." Courtesy WedLuxe magazine (Summer and Fall 2008).

High drama with a high updo. The ultra-thick curls are fully dimensional to create a look for the elegant bride which stands out very prominently. From the front (see below) it looks sweet and simple; whereas from the back it is stunning and memorable.

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